What is this?

I tend to have (somewhat intermittently) recurring dreams, and I realised a while ago that the landscapes and places in my dreams seem to be consistent across entirely separate dreams. i.e. I have visited places in one dream that I previously visited in a different dream. And in the course of a single dream I have even travelled from locations I visited in that dream to locations I previously visited in an entirely separate dream.

On top of this, all my dreams seem to take place in Scotland, with cities and towns that mirror cities and towns from the waking world. Only, the dream versions of these places vary from being very similar to their waking counterparts, to very different from their waking counterparts.

The strange sense I get that my dreams exhibit a consistent, shared geography, one that mirrors the waking world according to a logic I don't understand, led me to start recording the places I have visited in my dreams.

This site is a record of those places I have visited in my dreams, with hyperlinks to document the connections between different places. The today's dream link will serve up a page chosen randomly based on the current date.

Technical details

I've been documenting my dreams as markdown files in Obsidian, stored locally on my harddrive (and mirrored to my phone using SyncThing). This site is effectively a custom static site generator written in node.js that generates html pages for each markdown file. The idea is that updating this site should be as easy as just uploading a new markdown file whenever I document a new place.


dream geography was created (and will be sporadically updated) by Niall Moody

The site and its source code is released under the Anti-Capitalist Software License. You can read the full text of the license and its rationale here, but if you're looking for a summary, the important part is:

This is anti-capitalist software, released for free use by individuals and organizations that do not operate by capitalist principles.

You can view the source code for this site on glitch.

Infrastructure Credits

dream geography is built on the following platforms, frameworks, libraries, and fonts:


For the curious, there is a hand-drawn, irregularly updated map of the places documented on this site, but it will only appear at certain times...


A link to the map will appear on the front page during the Nth hour of the Nth day of the Nth month. i.e. It will appear at 1:00 on the 1st day of January, 2:00 on the 2nd day of February, etc. (all times in GMT/Coordinated Universal Time)

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