Ayr is on the West coast. The town is built around a single main road that slopes gently downward, South to North. The buildings at the South end of the road are largely made up of unadorned flat surfaces, weathered, probably dating back to the 60's. Following the road South there is a cafe at the edge of town set in a larger brutalist building. The kind of building they don't build anymore; designed for community use, with large open spaces inside for people to meet and hang out, without needing to buy something for the privilege.

Continuing along the road North out of town, there's a turn-off to the left that leads to a small, touristy village on the coast. Very picturesque; a main street of whitewashed stone buildings with black trim around the windows and doors. Every other building a second home or an airbnb. From here you can board the ferry to the archipelago of islands off the West coast.