South of the Clyde

This area feels like an island more than part of the mainland. Strangely, the only real way to access it is from the West. The main road runs from far in the West to the East, gradually petering out at some isolated farms.

I travelled East to West from those farms, gradually encountering more signs of civilisation as I went.

At one point I passed a large, marshy body of water South of the road with a single dry path across it. On the other side of the water was a high grassy bank with a line of vast, gnarled oaks, bigger than any I've seen in the waking world.

East of the oaks was a vast, stepped modernist building in cream-coloured stone or concrete. A seminary of some kind, with large airy concourses and meeting rooms off to the side.

This part of the world is connected somehow to Byres Road