The University

The University is either a vast sprawling building that has been repeatedly extended over the years, or multiple buildings of different ages that have grown over and into each other. It is hard to tell. Navigating through it is extremely difficult and confusing.

One of the defining characteristics of The University is stairs that end in a large drop down to the next floor. It's unclear if this is intentional design or the result of renovations that were never completed.

Every time I have visited The University the sheer number of students present has significantly increased the difficulty of navigating the building. The students - sensibly - largely avoid the incomplete staircases, but that means those stairs end up being the fastest way of getting anywhere.

There is a very large, very busy, very confusing entrance lobby. One side opens onto the University grounds; mostly lawn, with paths and a few trees. The other side (one floor down) opens onto a long street full of shops, similar to Byres Road or Great Western Road in the waking world.

I have visited The University at least twice now; the first time I ended up getting lost in the industrial wasteland beyond the grounds; the second time I walked a long way along the street full of shops in search of something to eat.