At the North East edge of the city's vast urban sprawl, a huge series of reservoirs and wetlands. A long walk in from the entrance, though there's also a bus stop deep within the reservation.

A series of publicly-bookable observation cabins arrayed along the far edge of the reservation. Upon booking, you are given a curtain pole & curtain for privacy and to mark the cabin as occupied (there are no doors).

You leave the reservation by descending a very long, very wide series of steps. Something about either the visual design of the steps or their physical construction makes them feel very dangerous. Descending them you feel in constant danger of tripping and tumbling all the way down to the bottom.

Make it safely to the bottom of the steps and you arrive back in a busy shopping district. Tenements with shops on the ground floor and offices above, arrayed along straight, grid-like roads.

Byres Road is in Glasgow

Dreaming Glasgow has apparently spread as far east as the Forth

There is a very good book shop in the south of the city

There is a desert of red sand to the north of the city